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Artificial Intelligence Interactive Platforms

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what is AIIPOTS
its a term coined by Danji AIIPOTS (spoken: eypots)
stand for Artificial Intelligence Interactive Platforms

those will be decentralized application systems connected to a local or cloud AI (depending on user privacy settings)
which will give access to all kinds of data through blockchain and crosschain technology
for users to mine.

So instead of visiting a website you will have an APP on your phone or other input device
with that you will give an audio command like "get taxi at least 4 stars in 20 minutes"
it will connect to all kinds of decentralized blockchain and crosschain applications
and give you choices to choose from without ever having to visit a website or a centralized app

the same will work for corporate helpdesks and business decision making.
It will become pervasive around the year 2035 where websites and especially https:// type of websites will start to lose in importance and slowly vanish

how will AIIPOTS be programmed
the programming of those will be based on new types of protocols and metatag structures
which will give clear instructions to AI and blockchain applications on how to deal with the incoming data. blockchain oracles APIs might play an important role in this

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