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Discord App
Discord is a multi-platform multi-browser communications platform with over 250+million users. Discord supports video, text, and image communications. The platform is praised for it's compatibility and ease of use, if you have a web connected device chances are you can access Discord. Discord was founded in 2015 as a alternative to software like Skype and TeamSpeak with a focus on Gamers. Discord has been incredibly successful with Gamers, Streamers, Developers, and general users thanks to it's robust set of features. One of the most popular aspects of Discord is the Developer API that allows developers to create automated user accounts (bots) which can interact will all aspects of the platform. The last reported amount of bots on Discord was 6,000+, however it is likely that there's over 100,000 bots with Discords rapid growth. Although Discord up to 2020 was focused on the Gaming community the focus has been shifted to being more neutral as a variety of communities make servers* (*groups that can exceed 200,000 members).

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