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Is findom sex work

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What is sex work?
Sex work is the act of receiving money or goods for a sexual service. A person who consciously  exchanges a service that excites, pleasures or sexually satisfies another for money or items is a sex worker. This is often done online or in person. There are many categories under the sex work umbrella, but what is and what isn't sex work? Many would argue that findom is sex work, I however believe that although it is compartmentalized alongside some sexual kinks and fetishes, there are no services, sexual or otherwise exchanged for the money/gifts therefore making it a fetish but not sex work. The act of findom is one human sending to another because it makes them feel good, some may get sexual pleasure from the act but the Financial Dominatrix does not give them something in return and so by the definition of sex work Findom is not in the same category. If a person was to exchange sexual services they would be am escort or content seller etc, I will touch on this in my next peice.

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