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become a findom

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how do you become a findomme
its actually really easy

1. figure out a short and memorable name like techdomme or BigMoneyGirl
2. register on all major social media platforms (instagram, twitter, tiktok)
3. get payment apps (like cash app)
4. register on PPV content sites: only fans, avn stars
5. create wishlists on shopping sites
6. buy a domain and put a blog with wordpress on it (where you write about your exploits)
7. link all your profiles together
8. start using findom hashtags on twitter and instagram
9. provide content regularly on all platforms and be teasing as fuck (dont give away nudity)
10. Tell people to pay you (for no reason at all)
11. spread your web wide and let the "victims" fall in your trap one by one :-)

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insert recommended books & literature

Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healer, Programmer, Youtuber, Tiktoker :)

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