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everything is love spiritual awakening

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explanation of how everything is love
as you sit in silence observing your present moment in silence
you allow yourself to see that you are love and that everything else is also love

The best analogy for it imagine fish don't know they are in water because they have always been in it. the same with love. its everywhere and you are it as well.

by realizing that you become aware of what i call microresistances.
microresistances are moments of limiting your full expression of love because of fear (fear of rejection, shame etc)

those microresistances limit your feeling of freedom and joy.
While those microresistances are also an expression of love (like everything is)
they lead you back to a cycle of constant friction until you realize that you are the love and everything is love.

So in essence everything keeps repeating until you recognize that everything is love and until you start to give up those microresistances
and expressions of love.

when something doesnt work or somebody seems to express not love maybe even hatred towards you thats also love.
Its the same cycle of giving up the microresistance and coming into silence to realize that everything is love.

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