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financial domination

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explaining financial domination
Financial Domination short [findom]
"So many women are raised to believe that it's their job to please a man and that if a man spends money on them, then they owe that man something. But with findom I don't have to give anything back in return. For me, it's the ultimate power exchange." Mistress Harley

privacy & safety concerns
as a findomme you attract a lot of weirdos. It is really important to use a private email company like protonmail and dont use your name or nickname in the email address. make sure what whatever you do on the internet that no one can find out where you live or personal details about you

history of financial domination
First mentions:
2001 - queenfaev who has been doing findom since that time says findom started in BDSM dungeons. she was introduced to it by a men that came into her club she owned "It started out as Money fetish. Clients would find a mistress that was motivated or turned on my money. And tip higher tips, bring gifts or show they honored her by paying in advanced for a session tip extra and cancel but tell her to keep the money. I believe it started offline in 1980s but I don’t have proof as back then it was word of mouth and very under ground. It actually originated in the USA. People don’t realize that the original money fetish (findom) was about show respect for a dominants work. She never asked for tips just her hourly rate. It developed into what I had as a thank you gift of a huge amount. But few ever seen those type of amounts. BDSM was so taboo even as early as 1999. so nobody talked about it before that"

2001 - 2001-03-06 Findom Princess Sierra registers the domain name
2002 - 2002-07-29 was registered
2002 - Findom Princess Sierra received a wire transfer of $50,000 from a money slave. her blog from goes back to 2003
2003 - was registered

2003 - strippers from stripperweb tried to play the findom game in 2003 - "I am quite good at the domination theme at the club I work in and LOVE :o to flog the bottoms of the customers (especially the young, cocky ones and the women with enough machismo to confront the mistress). I try to keep it fun and not too twisted because we don't have a seperate lap dance area and most of the floggings are done either on stage, near the stage during my show or in the midst of the crowd on the floor. I would like to incorporate more interesting twists to my show such as making the customers beg, perform tasks, etc., but I am at a loss for ideas. Please help me to make my shows totally off the hook. Any input is deeply appreciated from both dancers and customers. Thanks so much"

2000-2005, their was a popular FD Forum site called FinancialSlavery.Net. the owner decided to close the site after persuing other interests
2003 - FinancialDominatrix: I've been at this since 2003, and many girls flow in and out of the scene thinking it's a great way to get some easy cash.

2003 - From a forum:
Q: What is financial slavery?
A: Financial slavery is a wide reaching fetish. It is not commonly understood or accepted by the majority of the BDSM community or vanilla society. It includes blackmail, shopping, Female Supremacy, and basically anything having to do with finances. It is in essence about humiliation, objectification, and purely service-orientated slavery.

2005 - Fetish Domme Mistress Kiara claims to be Using subs Since 2005 (
2006 - Show Me the Money: Cybershrews and on-line Money Masochists by Keith F. Durkin
" The data for this study were gathered over a four-year period"

2008 - Angela Lewis PhD COUNSELLING AUSTRALIA JOURNAL, Vol. 8 No. 3, pp.105-111. Spring 2008
"Money masochism, (also known as money slavery) describes the practice of a
man giving money or gifts to a woman he has never met (or is never likely to meet),
without receiving anything in return. "

2010 - Financial Domination Magazine by Goddess Bella Donna
2010 - A Gold Digger's Guide: How to Get what You Want, Without Giving it Up

old websites that were involved with financial domination

how financial domination evolved
now a lot of young findommes push their profiles on tiktok, twitter and instagram sometimes even youtube and they try to make men pay using services like cashapp or onlyfans. some even use bitcoin or invest in other types of cryptocurrency.

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