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what is findom
Findom stands for Financial Domination. Its a term that is fairly new which arose with the growth of the internet and especially with social media like twitter.
Financial domination is usually women that receive money from men. They can be called [paypigs]
Usually there is not much exchanged. Rather the man just gives money to the woman for the feeling of a inferiority which then gives him some form of psychological kick.

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legal aspects
since there is no real exchange of nudity or sexual services most of the time, just the exchange of money and attention, it is legal almost anywhere in the world. There are some companies which try to distance themselves from it anyway.

What findom is and why I love it
Findom is short for financial domination.

Financial domination is about a submissive individual handing over completeĀ control of their financial situation to a trusted dominant. It can be scary but exciting for the submissive and it shows the dominant how much the submissive wants them.

There are many different reasons why submissives enjoy handing over their hard earned money to dominants. Some enjoy the aspect of feeling inferior and being made to feel like they don't deserve their own money. Many enjoy the feeling of completely handing control over to someone else, it makes them feel relieved to have someone else in control of their finances and sometimes even other aspects of life depending on the arrangement. Others enjoy the humiliation aspect of findom or the how scary it can be - it can be very thrilling to let someone else control something so risky.

Submissives will usually seek someone they find attractive and superior to give their money to and they feel grateful as they feel like the superior dominant wouldn't speak to them otherwise.

Dominants enjoy this for lots of different reasons but the main one is usually control, they love the fact that someone inferior is trusting them and giving them the money that the submissive worked hard for. It makes dominants feel respected, appreciated and powerful. Who wouldn't love that feeling? I know I do.

I personally love findom because I enjoy people treating me as their superior - it's such a hot feeling. I also love the fact that people trust me with their money as that is a huge thing and it shows that they are completely risking everything for me in that moment.

The best website I have found for financial domination is

history of financial domination
go to [financial domination] to see the full history of financial domination

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Findom & Paypigs

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