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findom terms

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Common Findom Terms
Master - this is usually a male who will have complete control over their slave and usually will treat them like their property
Mistress - this is basically the female version of master, the domme will have complete ownership over their slave
Slave - a slave is someone who completely submits to their master or mistress, giving them complete control over all aspects of life
Sub - this is an individual that submits to their dominant, there is usually an agreement to make sure that the dominant knows the subs hard limits
Alpha - usually the domme herself or if she has a partner they will become the alpha while she keeps subs or slaves
Beta - is another term for a submissive
Pay pig - a submissive that pays a dominant money, there could be an arrangement between the two or the sub may do it for no reason
Human ATM - a man or woman that just gives money to their dominant just like an ATM machine
Cash cow - a submissive who pays a dominant regularly so the dominant has a steady income coming from that sub
Walking wallet - another term used to describe the subs who pay dominants
Cash meet - in a cash meet the submissive gives money to their dominant in real life or other gifts depending on the arrangement
Collar - A collar is a symbol used to show that a submissive is owned by a dominant and other dominants will respect that the sub is owned and not try to own them
Consent - is an agreement to make sure that both parties understand what the boundaries are
Domme/findomme - The female owner of slaves
Blackmail contract - an official legal contract laid out to make clear what is permissible or not
Findom contract - an official legal contract laid out to make clear what is permissible or not
Owned - "I am owned by... " something many subs will say, that means they are exclusively working or paying their owner and are loyal to their owners
Rinse - rinsing happens when the submissive pays their dominant repeatedly especially in a manner that leaves very little for their own needs
Tribute - tribute is a payment to the dominant, often given also as an application to her for requesting to become their sub or just showing their appreciation and respect
Bondage - this has a range of different tools to use to restrain your sub or partner
Discipline - there are countless ways to train a submissive to obey their dominant
Domination - having the power to control a sub and exercise power and influence over them
Submission - surrendering to your dominant and giving them control over you
Sadism - getting sexual gratification from inflicting pain on their sub, this can be in life in general or sexually
Masochism - getting sexual gratification from receiving pain or humiliation
Humiliation - humiliating someone physically or mentally, it may even be something like name calling
Switch - someone who switches between being dominant and submissive depending on who they're with and how they feel

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