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Love is like a curing feel
9 months ago · 1 Posts
Sovon, a student of 11 class, dreams to be a doctor in future, passes his days with his parents, studies with zeal to get the dream material. Sovon's father , Spoon is a teacher who is a novel, honest, and social man, dreams that his son will be a famous doctor in future. Capitalizing this dream Sopon supports as much as he can to manage Sovon's expenses to gear up his spirit that he can be mentally fit to study regularly. After HSC Sovon has gone to study in town, got himself admitted in XYZ Medical College. Sovon, a sincere student, studies attentively, does liberary work, participates group discussion, takes advice from the teachers and the senior students, searches in Google for foreign teaching and studying method, never becomes under spirited, attempts all possible way to touch butt. Sovon has achieved credit in his MBBS. His scholarism brings higher chance for him. He has been selected for higher study and research work in abroad. Sovon forgets all his pain when his result has been got in hand and sees his unbelievable achievement. He flies for USA. In USA, he has completed his research work and Ph. D with reputation. Even all these with Sovon's study, he has mentally taken preparation to back to his Village to serve those people with whom he has a relation of nerves. His father is the happiest person who has sacrificed all happiness.

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