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7 months ago · 4 Posts
So, this is a very popular debate. I have played both but I personally prefer PS4, I feel the design is nicer, it runs super fast and it's cheaper than the xbox one which is a bonus. Why do I want to pay so much extra for pretty much the same thing? The xbox one is supposed to be made with slightly better parts which is why it's more expensive. Most of my friends have xbox one which leads me to think it's more popular overall for intense gamers, so if you want to play with friends or to be on the more popular platform then I'm guessing xbox one will be better for you but there are also a lot of players on PS4 so don't be disappointed. The main game I play is GTA 5 online, the resolution is outstanding and I've never once had any issue with my PS4 - it always runs really smoothly. If you research a particular game on YouTube then look at the game being played side by side on each console, I find that the PS4 looks more realistic especially for GTA 5 but each opinion differs. There is a difference between the controllers - I'm guessing for men it would be easier to use the xbox one controller as it's a lot bigger than the PS4 controller. I have very small hands so the PS4 controller doesn't bother me, it actually works out better for me. What do you think is better?

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