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What is quorn?
7 months ago · 2 Posts
Quorn is a meat substitute used mostly by vegetarians. I'm pretty sure that quorn is only sold in Europe currently. I'm a vegetarian and I find that this is a perfect substitute for meat and it's REALLY tasty! It tastes the same as meat but without the grease which I prefer as I hate grease, it makes me feel sick. Quorn is actually an edible fungus and it's really high in protein but it does lack some of the vitamins that meat has so as a vegetarian you have to get those vitamins in different ways. If you're sensitive to fungi then eating quorn probably isn't for you, you may react badly to it so you'd have to check with your doctor first but overall most people are fine with it. Some quorn products contain milk, eggs and gluten so it's not always suitable for vegans but it's great for vegetarians. Quorn can be good for you as it keeps your cholesterol down. I LOVE QUORN!

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