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what is
its a financial domination and millionaire / rich men dating website

My thoughts on hepays
Hepays isn't just a site that is amazing for those who are seeking rich dating, sugar daddies or financial domination but it's also a community where we can all come together without any judgement, we can feel safe on hepays and it is by far one of the cheapest sites to join and get set up on.

Regular dating sites are so over rated and you get banned from many if you mention that you're interested in rich dating, sugar daddies, etc. It's very hard to find like minded people who have the same interests as you on a regular dating site but this helps to narrow it down and you don't have to feel judged or wrong for your preferences! Many women that join regular dating sites including myself end up deleting their account, really upset with their experience. I was personally banned from one in particular because I mentioned my love of financial domination, they made me feel completely degraded for mentioning one of my interests whereas that kind of thing is actually pretty common - you just have to find the right place. That's why I love hepays, I have always felt nothing but welcomed by everyone.

I joined hepays originally because of my love for financial domination, it's a huge part of my life and hepays helps me find that easily. Even if you don't work out with a particular individual, it's lovely to speak to people who have the same interests or fetishes as you. Not only is hepays great for finding people that want to date the same way as you, I have made some amazing friends along the way! It's not just dating as I've said, it's a whole community.

People often assume that this is a sex work or escorts site but they are completely wrong. Of course, if you are using a dating site people often flirt, get to know one another, discuss fetishes and possibly meet up eventually but this is just a regular dating site that you are allowed to be yourself on and discuss fetishes which in my opinion is a very important part of dating. Many men and women enjoy spending their money on others and this allows for those rich people to find that special person that they might possibly want to spoil at some point.

I like that you have more freedom on this website than many others, you can just be yourself without worrying about people feeling a certain way about you. Many people are shy and won't discuss their fetishes as they feel ashamed but here is a place where you can just open up and be you.

I also love the fact that you can write personal ads, blogs and more! It helps you get to know others better than regular dating sites, it's fun to learn about what others are into and you can find people who are into the same thing. The owner of this site is very supportive, welcoming and kind. It's nice to actually be able to get to know the owner of the site and to see that he also regularly uses it.

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