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police brutality during coronavirus

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police brutality during coronavirus pandemic 2020
Laws were quickly changed worldwide in order to arrest or fine people for violating new laws relating to the attempt to curb the coronavirus spread. Questionable tactics have been used to apprehend individuals that were breaking the new laws. At the same time Police worldwide find it increasingly challenging to convince people to abide by these new laws.

"Authorities in the Australian city of Melbourne have warned of a "dangerous" rise in people resisting lockdown measures, sometimes violently."
"Random checks by police on 3,000 infected people had found more than 800 were not home isolating, as they were supposed to be."

Melbourne Australia
- Police Man chokes a much shorter girl for not wearing a mask

2 September 2020 - A Pregnant Australian being arrested for organizing a anti-coronavirus protest using the facebook event feature. after being arrested she said "i am too afraid now. it is scare mongering"

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