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spiritual awakening

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what is spiritual awakening
it is the recognition that you are the observer and not that which can be observed. meaning anything which can be observed is not you. you are the transcending observer who has no quality in itself.

signs of spiritual awakening
There are no definitive signs of spiritual awakening. After a spiritual awakening everything gets uprooted one by one. It can lead to disinterest in many things that interested you before

notable spiritual teachers
eckart tolle
ramana maharshi

mooji explaining spiritual awakening

not open to interpretation
spiritual awakening is not open to interpretation. it is in fact a singular event of recognition that is unique in that you recognize that you are the center as consciousness rather than being your thoughts or identification as the body as the center of your being. A simple example would be when you say "I hurt" when in reality it is "a body that hurts" you being the observer of the body.

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Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healer, Programmer, Youtuber, Tiktoker :)

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