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milk in the bowl first? or cereal

Forum: cereal
aijahluv Student At University
7 months ago

youre weird if you put milk first hahaha
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danji Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healer, Programmer, Youtuber, Tiktoker :)
7 months ago
i change all the time :-)

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7 am. You roll out of bed landing hard on the floor moaning from pain. You get up and stretch then make your way to do your morning routine, if you have one, and proceed to carry yourself to the kitchen and grab yourself a nice sized bowl and your cereal. You take the milk out and place it next to the bowl. You then pause and ask yourself “do i want to be normal today?” You take a minute and think about it and then you finally decide. You grab the cereal and pour it in the bowl first. You decided to be normal today.
milk in the bowl first? or cereal
youre weird if you put milk first hahaha

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