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Forum: Tattoos and Piercings
aijahluv Student At University
7 months ago

should i get a thigh tattoo of a snake or a butterfly?
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LacieMaria96 Fin Domme Queen 👑
7 months ago
What creature do you prefer out of the two?

Do either have specific meaning to you? I recommend getting a tattoo that means something otherwise you'll likely get bored of it and regret it eventually.

A butterfly sounds pretty and feminine whereas the snake is the opposite so it depends what look you're going for? If it were me I'd personally pick the butterfly out of those two because I'm very girly.

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Tattoos are a unique way to express yourself through art, whether you are being tattooed or doing the tattooing. Each tattoo has a reason or meaning behind it, or a purpose for why it is on one’s body. Though they fade with time, they will forever hold a memory.
should i get a thigh tattoo of a snake or a butterfly?

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