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testing anonymous posting

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Anonymous Post

testing anonymous posting
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Update: Replying to discussions
now the page doesnt reload anymore when replying to discussions
testing nested reply notifications
testing nested reply notifications
no anonymous post
no anonymous post
testing anonymous posting
testing anonymous posting
testing reply to reply notifications
this is a testing thread
you can now create discussions directly from the front page
i thought a lot of people wont understand they have to go to an article first. so i decided to make it that they create the discussion right from the front page
there difference between articles, discussions and blogs explained
if you know something that others are interested in you write an article. If you are unsure about something or you want to exchange with others you start a discussion if you have an opinion you would like to write about you create a blog post.
how to earn on huma2
I want to explain how to earn on huma2. First you have to start positively contributing to discussions and creating editing articles. Soon there also will be a blog section. As we start to find sponsors for huma2 you will be paid according to your contribution.
feedback on improvements for huma2
here you can put any improvement requests

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