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who are the funniest youtubers

Forum: youtube
danji Spiritual Teacher, Energy Healer, Programmer, Youtuber, Tiktoker :)
8 months ago

i like Kevin James channel a lot :-)
and bill burr
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En pandemia y sin trabajo
Soy una joven que se encuentra sin trabajo debido a la situaciĆ³n que estamos viviendo hoy mundial.
who are the funniest youtubers
i like Kevin James channel a lot :-) and bill burr
is youtube dead for social media influencers?
Unless you make crazy content who are likely not to succeed on youtube. I have the feeling that more and more attention is moving to tiktok. While youtube for sure is here to stay i feel the biggest hype is really moving towards tiktok. My channels have thousands of subscribers on youtube and i am receiving maybe 100 views per upload and lots of negative people commenting. I havent had a negative comment on tiktok yet.
what is the best smartphone for recording youtube videos?
I have the huawei pro lite and i am increasingly disatisfied with the camera and how it also skews the perspective. what is one of the best phones right now in terms of audio and video quality and camera quality to record with now?

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