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translate grob fahrlässig english

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German translation
grossly negligent

[insert Abkhazian translation]
[insert Afar translation]
[insert Afrikaans translation]
[insert Akan translation]
[insert Albanian translation]
[insert Amharic translation]
[insert Arabic translation]
[insert Aragonese translation]
[insert Armenian translation]
[insert Assamese translation]
[insert Avaric translation]
[insert Avestan translation]
[insert Aymara translation]
[insert Azerbaijani translation]
[insert Bambara translation]
[insert Bashkir translation]
[insert Basque translation]
[insert Belarusian translation]
[insert Bengali translation]
[insert Bihari languages translation]
[insert Bislama translation]
[insert Bosnian translation]
[insert Breton translation]
[insert Bulgarian translation]
[insert Burmese translation]
[insert Catalan, Valencian translation]
[insert Central Khmer translation]
[insert Chamorro translation]
[insert Chechen translation]
[insert Chichewa, Chewa, Nyanja translation]
[insert Chinese translation]
[insert Church Slavonic, Old Bulgarian, Old Church Slavonic translation]
[insert Chuvash translation]
[insert Cornish translation]
[insert Corsican translation]
[insert Cree translation]
[insert Croatian translation]
[insert Czech translation]
[insert Danish translation]
[insert Divehi, Dhivehi, Maldivian translation]
[insert Dutch, Flemish translation]
[insert Dzongkha translation]
[insert English translation]
[insert Esperanto translation]
[insert Estonian translation]
[insert Ewe translation]
[insert Faroese translation]
[insert Fijian translation]
[insert Finnish translation]
[insert French translation]
[insert Fulah translation]
[insert Gaelic, Scottish Gaelic translation]
[insert Galician translation]
[insert Ganda translation]
[insert Georgian translation]
[insert German translation]
[insert Gikuyu, Kikuyu translation]
[insert Greek (Modern) translation]
[insert Greenlandic, Kalaallisut translation]
[insert Guarani translation]
[insert Gujarati translation]
[insert Haitian, Haitian Creole translation]
[insert Hausa translation]
[insert Hebrew translation]
[insert Herero translation]
[insert Hindi translation]
[insert Hiri Motu translation]
[insert Hungarian translation]
[insert Icelandic translation]
[insert Ido translation]
[insert Igbo translation]
[insert Indonesian translation]
[insert Interlingua (International Auxiliary Language Association) translation]
[insert Interlingue translation]
[insert Inuktitut translation]
[insert Inupiaq translation]
[insert Irish translation]
[insert Italian translation]
[insert Japanese translation]
[insert Javanese translation]
[insert Kannada translation]
[insert Kanuri translation]
[insert Kashmiri translation]
[insert Kazakh translation]
[insert Kinyarwanda translation]
[insert Komi translation]
[insert Kongo translation]
[insert Korean translation]
[insert Kwanyama, Kuanyama translation]
[insert Kurdish translation]
[insert Kyrgyz translation]
[insert Lao translation]
[insert Latin translation]
[insert Latvian translation]
[insert Letzeburgesch, Luxembourgish translation]
[insert Limburgish, Limburgan, Limburger translation]
[insert Lingala translation]
[insert Lithuanian translation]
[insert Luba-Katanga translation]
[insert Macedonian translation]
[insert Malagasy translation]
[insert Malay translation]
[insert Malayalam translation]
[insert Maltese translation]
[insert Manx translation]
[insert Maori translation]
[insert Marathi translation]
[insert Marshallese translation]
[insert Moldovan, Moldavian, Romanian translation]
[insert Mongolian translation]
[insert Nauru translation]
[insert Navajo, Navaho translation]
[insert Northern Ndebele translation]
[insert Ndonga translation]
[insert Nepali translation]
[insert Northern Sami translation]
[insert Norwegian translation]
[insert Norwegian Bokmål translation]
[insert Norwegian Nynorsk translation]
[insert Nuosu, Sichuan Yi translation]
[insert Occitan (post 1500) translation]
[insert Ojibwa translation]
[insert Oriya translation]
[insert Oromo translation]
[insert Ossetian, Ossetic translation]
[insert Pali translation]
[insert Panjabi, Punjabi translation]
[insert Pashto, Pushto translation]
[insert Persian translation]
[insert Polish translation]
[insert Portuguese translation]
[insert Quechua translation]
[insert Romansh translation]
[insert Rundi translation]
[insert Russian translation]
[insert Samoan translation]
[insert Sango translation]
[insert Sanskrit translation]
[insert Sardinian translation]
[insert Serbian translation]
[insert Shona translation]
[insert Sindhi translation]
[insert Sinhala, Sinhalese translation]
[insert Slovak translation]
[insert Slovenian translation]
[insert Somali translation]
[insert Sotho, Southern translation]
[insert South Ndebele translation]
[insert Spanish, Castilian translation]
[insert Sundanese translation]
[insert Swahili translation]
[insert Swati translation]
[insert Swedish translation]
[insert Tagalog translation]
[insert Tahitian translation]
[insert Tajik translation]
[insert Tamil translation]
[insert Tatar translation]
[insert Telugu translation]
[insert Thai translation]
[insert Tibetan translation]
[insert Tigrinya translation]
[insert Tonga (Tonga Islands) translation]
[insert Tsonga translation]
[insert Tswana translation]
[insert Turkish translation]
[insert Turkmen translation]
[insert Twi translation]
[insert Uighur, Uyghur translation]
[insert Ukrainian translation]
[insert Urdu translation]
[insert Uzbek translation]
[insert Venda translation]
[insert Vietnamese translation]
[insert Volap_k translation]
[insert Walloon translation]
[insert Welsh translation]
[insert Western Frisian translation]
[insert Wolof translation]
[insert Xhosa translation]
[insert Yiddish translation]
[insert Yoruba translation]
[insert Zhuang, Chuang translation]
[insert Zulu translation]
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insert recommended books & literature

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